How to look fresh every day: effective makeup secrets

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Fatigue, lack of sleep, and allergies can negatively affect your appearance, but makeup can fix the situation. Source: Created with the help of AI

Spring is the beginning of allergy season when many people begin to suffer from such unpleasant symptoms of hay fever as red eyes and nose, watery eyes, and swelling of the face. At the same time, women have to continue wearing makeup.

That is why makeup artists have created many techniques for them that help to refresh the look, even when an allergy attack occurs. OBOZ.UA tells you about 7 effective life hacks. They will work not only for those who suffer from allergies but will help create a fresh look in general.

Use eye drops

No amount of makeup can hide the redness and swelling of allergy-inflamed eyes. A tired person looks about the same. To quickly remove these signs, use eye drops. If the change in appearance is caused by allergies, ask your doctor to prescribe an antihistamine, but in other cases, ordinary artificial tears will moisturize and soothe the mucous membrane of the eye.

Choose a moisturizer with a skin-soothing effect

Moisturizing is the first step to perfect makeup. But to create a truly fresh look, you need to choose your cream carefully. It should not contain fragrances but be enriched with substances that soothe the skin – oat extract, ceramides, squalene, etc. Such a product will help overcome dryness and itching and give your skin a glow. Use the same principle when choosing an eye cream.

Buy a green primer

A greenish primer is good for masking any skin redness. This is because these colors are antipodes and neutralize each other well. At the same time, you should not be afraid that the product will leave an unnatural greenish mark on your face. Use the green primer near the nose and in areas of redness. Apply a drop of the product and blend it well, then set it with translucent powder and move on to the foundation.

Avoid dense foundations

Foundations with a high degree of coverage can indeed cover redness, but they also dry out the skin. This leads to the fact that the actual irritation only gets worse. Therefore, if you need to regain a fresh look during an allergy attack or at any other time, choose lighter textures such as a serum foundation or BB cream.

Choose waterproof eye products

Regardless of whether you suffer from allergies or are just tired, this condition can manifest itself through the release of tears. In this case, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and eyeliner will help you. Similarly, if you are extending your eyelashes and know that you will suffer from tearing in the spring, ask the technician to use a special waterproof glue.

Use nude eyeliner on the water line

In some eye products, not only the durability of the formula is important, but also the color. So the eyeliner you apply to the water line of the eyelid should ideally be a nude shade. This will hide redness and make your eyes look fresher. However, black or dark brown eyeliner will only make a negative impression if your eyes look puffy and tired.

Finish your makeup with a soothing spray

To set your makeup, use the same technique as for its preparation - choose a product with a skin-soothing effect. Ideally, it should be a spray with appropriate ingredients. Spray it on your face and wait for it to dry. This will help to take extra care of the skin and make it look as fresh as possible.

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