How to do makeup for a passport photo: your face will look amazing

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How to do makeup for a passport photo

Most people are probably embarrassed about their passport photo because they look completely unattractive. One of the key elements of a good photo is makeup, so by following a few tips, you can take your best photo.

Famous makeup artist Mata Marielle told Vogue about how to make your makeup look perfect in a passport photo. By following these simple tips, you will be able to convey your natural beauty.

The secret to creating the perfect passport photo is symmetry. Therefore, when you wear makeup, you should follow the principle of balance. For example, if you have one eyebrow slightly higher than the other, you can visually change it with a pencil.

Also, do not worry if it looks unusual for you, because you have never done this before, and remember that what looks good in a photo does not always look good in real life.

Lightweight foundation

Mata Marielle recommends choosing lightweight products for makeup foundation and foundation that instantly tighten the skin. The makeup artist also noted that it is important not to block the natural glow of the skin.


Even if you've never done contouring, it's worth learning for your passport photo. It imitates the shadows on your face and helps to preserve the volume in the photo.

The lighting in photo booths, photo studios, or document issuance locations usually makes the photo look too flat, and contouring will emphasize your cheekbones and make your face look more symmetrical.

How to do makeup for a passport photo: your face will look amazing

Eyebrow pencil

Well-groomed eyebrows play a big role in how your passport photo will look. So fill in all the gaps with your favorite pencil and correct the shape with concealer.


Be sure to draw arrows to visually enlarge and stretch your eyes. Alternatively, you can use false eyelashes. It may not be very comfortable if you are not used to them, but they will look incredible in the photo.

Lip pencil and gloss

Choose a pencil color that is as close as possible to the natural color of your lips. Draw a contour, blend a little, and apply a balm or gloss on top to give your lips a lively glow and volume.

Setting spray

Finally, to keep your makeup in place and not spoiled by the time you arrive at the photo studio, apply a fixing spray.

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