How to color your lips to look much younger: makeup artist's advice

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Your lips will look plumper even as you age. Source: Created with the help of AI

With age, the plumpness of the lips decreases, and this is a natural given. There are several ways to deal with it. For example, by slightly changing your approach to makeup.

Makeup artist Erica Taylor shared an effective life hack on her TikTok. The woman, who has already celebrated her 47th birthday, shows her subscribers what changes should be made to the methods of applying cosmetics to look stunning.

In the video, which became very popular, she demonstrated that very small adjustments to the way you use a lip pencil can make a big difference, making your lips look much fuller and younger.

When we are young, we draw our lips clearly along the edge line. And this is enough to make the look fresh and effective. With age, this area, like the rest of the face, begins to sink a little, and you need to restore volume by changing approaches.

Erica demonstrated that her life hack works on herself. On one half of her face, she drew her lips straight and clear along the edge line, lowering the contour to the very corner of her mouth. And on the other, she made a slightly curved line a little higher than the edge and did not bring it to the end, but blended it with her finger.

Then the makeup artist let her subscribers see the results for themselves. Indeed, the half of the lips where she used her life hack looked plumper and more toned. "You can't stop the droop, but you can stop emphasizing it," the blogger summarized.

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