Forced to make sacrifices to the gods and deported: Bali decided to teach a Russian a lesson for taking a racy photo on a sacred mountain

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Yuriy Chilikin will not get to the island for at least six months

Russian blogger Yuriy Chilikin will be deported from Bali because of a "naked" photo in front of the sacred Mount Agung volcano. However, first, local authorities will force him to undergo a ceremony of offering to the gods to appease their anger.

Chilikin himself told the Russian media about this. According to him, after the ceremony of offering to the gods of Agung, he will not be able to visit Bali for at least six months - the authorities have blacklisted him as a tourist (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

A tourist from Russia is involved in a high-profile scandal

The blogger claims that he did not realize he was filming nude in a sacred place.

At the same time, he believes that one of the factors in the scandal was allegedly the negative attitude toward Russian tourists.

Yuriy Chilikin posted a scandalous photo on the Internet

"If I had known, I wouldn't have done it. I obviously didn't want to ruin my vacation and my future plans. While it looks like a madhouse, I want to leave here as soon as possible."

Russian blogger forced to apologize for offensive photo taken in Indonesia

As a reminder, the Russian filmed himself against the backdrop of Agung, exposing his lower body. The video provoked a scandal, and local residents turned to the authorities. The "joker" closed his page on the social network, but it did not help. Now the Russian is complaining about threats.

Agung is a layered volcano that is the highest point in Bali (2997 meters) and is considered a sacred mountain by the locals. There is a legend that once upon a time there were no mountains in Bali, and happy people and animals lived there. But one day, the gods created Mount Agung to settle in this paradise, observing the life of the island and judging it harshly but fairly.

The most righteous were taken to the top by the Garuda bird, where they were allowed to live with the gods. Bali still honors the gods of the mountain and offers them gifts every day. All local houses and temples are built with the volcano in mind, and even the headboards in bedrooms are often pointed in its direction.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- A Russian journalist complained that he was refused service in a Ukrainian restaurant in Warsaw. The majority of people on the network called the Ukrainian bartender's action justified and called Russia a rogue country.

- Russian blogger Mikhail Litvin complained that he was insulted by tourists from Poland in Courchevel. The Polish man condemned the Russians for supporting the war and said that Ukrainians were defeating the aggressor's army.

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