Five signs of the Chinese zodiac will be lucky all week: horoscope until June 16

Horse, Bull, Rooster, Pig, and Goat can count on the Universe's favor this week. Source: Created with the help of AI

Communication is one of the foundations of our luck. And this week's I Ching Hexagram of Success will favor it, as the Fire Over Mountain (#56) is changing to Wind Over Water (#59).

This will bring special luck to those born under the five signs of the Chinese zodiac, astrologers say. They are advised to devote as much time as possible to culture and art or even choose a new hobby. It's important that they enjoy what they do, as it will ease their minds and bring them peace of mind. Read on to find out which signs receive the greatest blessings and what their horoscope for the week promises.


It's time for you to take responsibility for your life. If you do, success will flow to you like a river. Do not miss any opportunities that the universe gives you. Don't listen to critics, especially your inner critic. Don't let imposter syndrome hold you back. The one who takes responsibility and begins to control their destiny will get the most out of life.


Winner takes all is your motto this week. You are capable of reaching the greatest heights, but losing will cost you a lot. It's up to you to decide which side you'll be on. To make sure you don't make a mistake, make sure you are surrounded by trustworthy people. And stay away from envious and self-serving people. Your immediate future depends on your choice now.


A self-made man is an expression about you. Look around you and see a lot of opportunities. Take a closer look at the people around you, many of them will be happy to give you their support in achieving your dreams. Be grateful for every little thing done for you, and the support will only grow. Your success depends entirely on your efforts and behavior.


This week, the universe is completely on your side. And you can even choose what you want to get support for. So start by pausing and writing down exactly what you need help with and what you're looking forward to the most. Create a list and prioritize the items on it. Focus on the one area you want to succeed in the most and then watch the magic happen.


Your luck this week won't come in the form of some sudden luck or win. Instead, you'll see how to free yourself from a burden in your life and how to finally realize your hopes and dreams without envy ruining it for you. You may think it's not easy to take advantage of these blessings, but just give it a try. You'll see that things will start to improve as if by themselves.

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