Five makeup rules every woman should know: tips from the founder of beauty brands

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The makeup artist's vast experience allowed her to formulate universal makeup tips. Source: Created with the help of AI

The American Bobbi Brown was one of the first superstar makeup artists who not only began to teach women professional makeup secrets, but also presented them with a line of truly high-quality cosmetics. Bobbi has a diploma in theater makeup and has been doing makeup since 1980, so she has accumulated a huge amount of advice.

She formulated the top five for Grazia Daily. Her approach is based on taking care of health, not just looking good. And here's what she recommends to achieve a radiant look with makeup.

"Remove" fatigue with concealer

If you're concerned about a dull complexion, dark circles under your eyes, or puffy eyelids, make sure you're getting a better rest routine. And concealer will help you visually correct these problems. Apply this product to the under-eye area to brighten it up, and don't forget to add a drop to the inner corner of the eye to open it up and make it look more radiant.

Focus only on your skin

Skin is the canvas on which you create makeup. With age, it undergoes changes, becomes drier, and loses elasticity. It is the condition of the skin that should be the main criterion for the selection of makeup products and the order of their application. Always start makeup application with moisturizing. This step is absolutely essential for a fresh and healthy look. For oily skin, also look for products that remove excess sebum, but do not look like a thick layer of powder.

Try a five-minute makeup routine for every day

We're all in a hurry in the morning and don't always want to bother applying all the possible products to our faces. That's why Brown recommends developing a minimal makeup routine that can be done in just five minutes and still look great all day. Apply moisturizer and let it absorb. Next, use a concealer or concealer to hide redness and other imperfections and brighten the under-eye area. Blend everything well for a natural look. Then comb your eyebrows and fix the hairs with gel and apply lip gloss. Natural makeup is ready.

Embrace your age

While the whole world hides the truth about itself behind the filters of photo editors, Brown urges us to perceive our age as a virtue. "Getting older is really great, and I wish more women would realize that!" the celebrity makeup artist says. Therefore, she advises to focus on makeup for your age, and not to try to look younger at all costs.

Add one touch to complete your look

Even a simple outfit with a white cotton shirt and hair in a ponytail will look luxurious if you wear a bright manicure, for example. Come up with a trick that will make you feel more confident. It can be nail polish, lipstick, or mascara. Emphasize one thing that will become your signature accent in the image, and repeat this technique constantly.

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