Financial aid package for Ukraine to be considered by Congress no earlier than mid-March - CNN

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Once the aid bill is finalized by mid-March, it will be put to a vote

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson has opened the door for U.S. lawmakers to agree on a new proposal for a bill that includes aid to Ukraine. Republican supporters of this plan believe that the aid project will be finalized by mid-March.

This was reported by CNN. According to the speaker, before that, it is necessary to finalize the development of a law on public funding.

Privately, Johnson has met with other Republicans who insist that the bill should include restrictions on the border with Mexico. Lower House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul has taken the lead in finalizing the proposal to bring it to a vote by the end of March or early April.

However, Republican supporters of the plan believe that once the aid bill is finalized by mid-March, it will still be put to a vote. Even though it may provoke a backlash from far-right Republicans or even lead to a vote to remove Johnson as speaker.

"More than you think. We've got to do something," said Brian Fitzpatrick, a representative of the lower house from Pennsylvania, when asked about the support for the bill among Republicans.

However, it is extremely difficult to pass the bill through the House of Representatives. Republicans are divided on the issue of Ukraine, and former President Trump can kill the bill with a single post on social media.

In addition, its adoption will require broad support among Democrats, which is also difficult given that the package contains additional border restrictions and aid to Israel, which is likely to be opposed by the left wing of the party.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, US President Joe Biden met with the leaders of both houses of Congress to unblock aid to Ukraine. As a result of the meeting, it became known that three out of four congressional leaders supported the allocation of funding for Ukraine and urged Johnson to finally bring the bill passed by the Senate to a vote in the House of Representatives.

After the meeting with Biden, Johnson himself said that "first and foremost, we need to think about the needs of the United States." He prioritized the issues of border protection and avoiding a shutdown.

As a reminder, on February 15, two days after the Senate passed a bill that included more than $60 billion for Ukraine, Johnson adjourned the House of Representatives. Senators did not consider the bill on aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

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