Europe's best beach destinations: where to go on a trip this summer

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The sun's rays and the endless expanse of the blue sea are increasingly encouraging tourists to book tickets. Read below to find out where vacation dreams come true.


One of the most popular resorts. It is famous for its clean beaches and plenty of entertainment. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will find picturesque bays with rocky shores. For children, the island has built many water parks, modern museums, and farms with animals.

The water in the Mediterranean is always warm and clear. It has a comfortable temperature not only in spring or summer but even in winter.

Here are a few things you should know:

  1. The island's currency is the euro.
  2. The official languages are Greek and Turkish. However, don't worry, English is widely spoken in tourist areas.
  3. Cyprus can be reached by plane, and then by taxi or bus.

A night in a hotel will cost at least €80.

Europe's best beach destinations: where to go on a trip this summer

Balearic Islands

Do you like to have fun? Then head to Ibiza. Some of the most famous nightclubs in the world are located here. The best time to travel is from May to October. It is during this period that the weather is warm and sunny. But keep in mind that prices are relatively high.

Looking for some peace and quiet? Take a closer look at the island of Formentera. It is sunny here almost 300 days a year. Most of all, tourists love the six-kilometer-long crescent-shaped coast. It is lined with cozy rocky coves overlooking the mountains.

By the way, nude sunbathing is allowed here. So consider this fact when planning your trip.

Do you want to relax surrounded by picturesque landscapes? Go to Mallorca. Here travelers will find a rich and diverse nature with mountainous landscapes. The climate is warm and mild, and precipitation is rare. By the way, the King of Spain and his family come here every year. Hollywood stars often buy villas here too.

Planning a vacation with your family? Fly to Menorca. The entire territory of the island is a protected area. Rare representatives of the fauna live here. For those who want to explore the flora more, special routes are laid here.

An important point: there are no crowds of tourists on the beaches even in high season.

Europe's best beach destinations: where to go on a trip this summer


For those who have a limited budget, this country will be a real find. The prices here are several times lower than in neighboring Croatia. Quiet bays, modern resorts, paradise beaches, cruise ships: all this is waiting for you.

Europe's best beach destinations: where to go on a trip this summer

Salou, Spain

A city with numerous entertainment options. It has amusement parks, bike paths, and yacht clubs. Throughout the kingdom, this is the best place to spend a vacation with children.

The Aquopolis center is also located near the resort. There are safaris, menageries, and, of course, a water complex.

Accommodation in good apartments will cost from €90 per night.

Nessebar, Bulgaria

A real pearl of the Black Sea coast. Tourists are greeted by masterpieces of ancient architecture at every turn. It is home to large tourist complexes with comfortable promenades.

The price per night in a hotel starts from €25.

Europe's best beach destinations: where to go on a trip this summer

Kotor, Montenegro

The beaches here are divided into public and private. But each of them is clean and well-groomed. So you can safely go to free locations.

Be sure to visit Avanturisticki park, a large sports area for kids. It includes ropes, ladders, obstacle courses, paintball, fishing, pony rides, archery, and more.

Corfu, Greece

A paradise on Earth. It is famous for its incredible beauty and plant aromas. In summer, you can see real date palms and pomegranate trees. You can also visit vineyards and olive groves. By the way, more than 40 species of orchids are planted on the island.

What you should know:

  1. The best time to go on vacation is from May to September. The peak season is July.
  2. There is an underdeveloped transportation system. Therefore, it is better to order a taxi or rent a car.
  3. Five stars are not always about luxury. Therefore, when looking for an apartment, check the photos.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you are tired of noisy megacities, head here. There is a lot of active entertainment here, from kayaking to jet skiing. For those who do not know how to swim, we recommend going to Šunj, Lopud. Here, the depth starts at least 100 meters from the shore.

Europe's best beach destinations: where to go on a trip this summer

Menton, France

An ideal place for people with disabilities. Most of the embankments are equipped with the necessary infrastructure. The city is also known for its gardens and parks.

Europe is a real treasure trove of beach resorts. You just need to choose a destination for an unforgettable vacation. Have a nice trip.

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