Can become a breeding ground for bacteria: how often should you wash your bathroom mat

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In almost every modern bathroom, you can see such a handy accessory as a bath mat. It makes the floor in this wet room less slippery and makes cleaning easier. However, it requires regular maintenance due to constant contact with water.

Do you know how often you need to wash a bath mat to keep it hygienically clean? OBOZ.UA has figured out the recommendations of professionals.

Frequency of washing

Home cleanliness experts say that bath mats should be washed once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the intensity of use. If you have a machine washable bath mat, put it in the drum with your towels.

For mats that are not machine washable, such as bamboo or diatomaceous earth, wipe both sides with a cleaner or mild detergent that is safe for the type of material. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the correct cleaning method.

Factors that affect the frequency of cleaning

Although the standard rule of thumb for washing a bathroom rug is once every one to two weeks, some additional factors may affect the frequency of washing. If you have a large family and the bathroom is heavily used, you may need to clean the mat more often.

Also, consider the humidity level in your home and the power of your ventilation. If the air is quite humid, you may need to wash your bath mat more often than those who live in a dry environment. High humidity slows down the rate at which the bath mat dries after use, and odors and bacteria quickly develop on a wet object.

Pay attention to how quickly your mat dries. If it takes a little time, you can wash it a little less often.

And, of course, consider what kind of cosmetics you use. Stepping on the mat with creamy heels leaves a little product on the material, which can accelerate the growth of bacteria. Therefore, put your rug in the wash earlier to avoid this.

Signs that it's time to wash your rug

If you don't know when to wash your bathroom mat, here are a few signs that will tell you when it's time:

  • the mat has a musty smell – this means that microorganisms have begun to multiply in it, which means it's time to take care of the item;
  • stains and visible dirt have appeared on the material;
  • the rug has started to slip – this means that the underside is not as effective in adhering well to the floor due to contamination.

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