Best picks for a night out: five family-friendly movies to watch with the kids

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Best picks for a night out: five family-friendly movies to watch with the kids

Spending an evening with your family watching a light movie - what could be better? Sometimes, however, such evenings can be ruined by the long and difficult choice of a suitable movie. A story that will be interesting for adults, but at the same time absolutely understandable for children, and in addition will be instructive for the whole family is our ideal candidate, which, as we have already mentioned, can take too much time to find.

However, don't worry and go make microwave popcorn, because OBOZREVATEL has found the perfect movies for you. They will brighten up your leisure time and, perhaps, make cozy family movie nights a good tradition.

The Adventures of Paddington (2014)

Viewers' age: 6+ years

A kind British-French comedy about a bear cub from Peru who can talk. He comes to London to find his family and become a gentleman. At the train station, he is noticed by a family who gives him the English "name" Paddington. In fact, this is the name of the station where the funny animal in the hat was found. This story will make you laugh out loud and rethink your life values.

Saving Mr. Banks (2014)

Audience age: 12 + years

This is a biographical story about how the world's most famous animator Walt Disney, portrayed on screen by the legendary Tom Hanks, tries to fulfill his daughters' dream of making a movie about Mary Poppins. You might ask, what's the problem? The problem is that the eccentric and stubborn writer, who created the most famous literary nanny with an umbrella, does not agree to "give away" her character. The film turned out to be very emotional and kind, and the acting of the main characters deserves a special ovation.

We bought a zoo (2011)

Audience age: 12+ years

The comedy drama, based on real events, tells the story of Benjamin Mee, who lost his beloved wife and is grieving for her. However, together with his children, he still tries to start life from scratch. In search of a new home, the family comes across an abandoned zoo, and the protagonist decides to buy it. But the zoo is home to about 200 animals, whose fate is now in Benjamin's hands. Incredible acting by Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, a touching story and a happy ending are a combination you will definitely enjoy.

The Timekeeper (2011)

Audience age: 12+ years

Legendary director Martin Scorsese has created a fairy tale about a boy and a mysterious station clock that can control time in Paris in the 1930s. The film promises to impress with its fascinating plot, incredible cast and magical visuals.

Alexander and the terrible, joyless, shitty day (2014)

Audience age: 6+ years

Alexander is an 11-year-old boy whose days are full of failures. Unlike other members of his family, who are successful. But no one takes the teenager's troubles seriously. That's why he wishes his family would go through the same thing. And so, a truly terrible day comes in the life of his family. But Alexander knows for sure that terrible days are needed to appreciate the good ones even more. This instructive and very funny movie promises to become one of your family favorites.

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