Artificial intelligence made a prediction for Usyk vs Fury fight

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The fight is scheduled for May 18

ChatGPT, a chatbot with generative artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, analyzed the upcoming fight between WBA, WBO, IBO, and IBF titles holder Oleksandr Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) and WBC champion Tyson Fury (34-0-1, 24 KOs). ChatGPT answered the question of who will win and how the fight will develop, taking into account the anthropometric data of the boxers, their fight experience, and level of professionalism.

The artificial intelligence believes that it is very difficult to predict the outcome of the fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury, as it depends on many factors, including their physical form, strategy, tactics, and current state.

At the same time, GPT-3.5 pointed out some aspects that could influence the outcome.

  1. Physical characteristics
    • Fury: He has a height and physical strength advantage. Fury is known for his long walk and ability to control the distance
    • Usyk: He is less powerful compared to Fury, but has better speed and technique. Usyk may also have an advantage in speed and maneuverability.
  2. Experience and professionalism
    • Both boxers have impressive experience and professionalism. Usyk has a wealth of experience fighting in both amateur and professional boxing. Fury also has an impressive professional record and victories over quality opponents.
  3. Strategy and tactics
    • Usyk will likely seek to avoid direct fights and use his speed and agility to create corner attacks and counterattacks.
    • Fury can use his physical range and power to dominate at range and work in the clinch.

"The outcome of the fight could have depended on which fighter was more successful in implementing their strategy. It could have been decided on points or by knockout, depending on how the fight developed. However, an accurate prediction remains difficult due to the many variables that can affect the outcome of the fight," the computer believes.

Artificial intelligence made a prediction for Usyk vs Fury fight

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the Usyk-Fury fight was originally scheduled for February 17, but Fury suffered a serious cut on February 2 during training. Because of this, the fight was officially postponed to the spring of 2024.

Artificial intelligence made a prediction for Usyk vs Fury fight

Turki Al al-Sheikh, head of Saudi Arabia's General Authority for Entertainment, said the May 18 show will go ahead anyway. The organizer of the boxing night in Riyadh has come up with a rule that will prevent the fight from being disrupted again.

Artificial intelligence made a prediction for Usyk vs Fury fight

In addition, Turki Al Al-Sheikh noted that Usyk or Tyson will face a $10 million fine if either of them refuses to perform.

Artificial intelligence made a prediction for Usyk vs Fury fight

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