18 absentees in Kursk region: SSU reveals details of "bavovna" in military camp near Khalino airfield

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There was ''bavovna'' in the Kursk region
There was ''bavovna'' in the Kursk region

During a drone attack on the Kursk region of Russia on the night of October 18, a "bavovna" occurred at a military facility of the occupiers. This is a military camp near the village of Postoyalye Dvory, located near the enemy's Khalino airfield.

This was reported to OBOZ.UA by anonymous sources in the Security Service of Ukraine. The source joked that there are "18 absentees" in the Kursk region (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The source confirmed that there were hits in the Russian field camp. It is known that up to 3,000 Russian soldiers and about 80 pieces of military equipment were stationed there.

"The exact number of enemy casualties is currently being clarified, but it is clear that the strikes were powerful - at least 18 hits by SSU drones on the camp were recorded," the intelligence official said.

Postoyalye Dvory not far from the airfield

It is known that Russians from the surrounding villages discussed the sounds of the explosions on social media all night long.

"Although it is very strange how they could hear them, because the Russian authorities reported that the air defense system "shot down all the drones" and "there are no more," the SSU source said sarcastically.

Postoyalye Dvory (Kursk region of the Russian Federation)

It should be added that the governor of the Russian Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, claims that all drones have been eliminated. Allegedly, ten unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted in the region's airspace, six were shot down, and four were "grounded" by electronic means.


Meanwhile, a video filmed during the attack was posted online, showing Russian air defense and bright flashes from the arrivals.


As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

- On the night of October 17, explosions were heard in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. The regional authorities reported on drones allegedly shot down by Russian air defense. Residents of the region also complained about "pops" on the night of October 18.

- Earlier, Russian media had shown a story about how a Tambov bakery had begun producing drones for the war against Ukraine. The propagandists boasted that the drones "smell like baked goods".

Only verified information is available on the OBOZ.UA Telegram channel and Viber. Don't fall for fakes!

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