Wild Laws That Only Exist in North Korea: The 5 Most Ridiculous Prohibitions

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Totalitarian laws of North Korea

Own Internet, new basketball rules, and absolute isolation from the world. This would seem to be the pinnacle of the absurdity of the totalitarian regime of the DPRK. Unfortunately, the entire legislative system here is aimed at suppressing the will of the population and exalting the image of the ruler. Five of the most senseless bans of North Korea in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

Ban on religion

In the DPRK it is legally forbidden to follow any faith. The only one who can be worshipped is the ruler Kim Jong Il, who remained the official head of state even after his death. Reading the Bible or the Koran, distributing leaflets, or simply praying can not only result in imprisonment for life, but also in execution. This, for example, happened to a woman who was handing out religious literature on the street.

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Class division.

Even before one is born, one's fate here is completely decided. All citizens of the country are divided into three classes: the core, the wavering, and the enemies. The first group includes the entire political and social elite, who have advantages in all spheres of life. These people can choose their own jobs, get higher education and hold positions in public service.

The second class is, in fact, ordinary residents of the DPRK, who are destined to be ordinary workers. They are unlikely to be placed as managers or accepted into serious organizations. The third class, on the other hand, are the most unlucky. These are not only criminals, political opponents or activists, but also their families, children, distant relatives and even close acquaintances. Also included in this group are women who have offended the ruler of the state in some way.

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Banned from leaving the country

For many years now, thousands of DPRK citizens have been trying to leave their totalitarian homeland and seek asylum in China or South Korea. But few manage to do so. It is forbidden by law to leave the country without official permission from the highest level. Border guards can, without any consequences, kill on the spot those who try to circumvent this rule.

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Domestic travel ban

The DPRK authorities treat not only external tourism badly, but also internal tourism. In order to travel outside of one's home city, one must have a really good reason and obtain permission. In general, residents of the country can travel to North Korea only for work or study. And then, only selected upper-class citizens have this opportunity.

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Hair Control.

In 2013, the development and selection of hairstyles that can be worn by citizens began at the state level. As a result, 18 female and 10 male options were approved. It is said that Kim Jong-in himself chose them. By the way, married women also need to shorten the length of their hair. It is believed that such a step in fashion control counteracts the corrupting of the population and the manifestations of immoral behavior.

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