Why earwax is needed: interesting facts

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Cotton swabs should not be used frequently

Everyone follows the rules of personal hygiene and cleans their ears of wax. Most people think that it should be removed immediately because it only contaminates the ear canals.

However, excessive ear cleaning with cotton swabs can be harmful to our health. IFLScience took a closer look at this issue.

Earwax is a naturally occurring yellow-brown secretion produced by the sulfur glands in the ear canal. It is necessary to protect our ears from dirt and foreign bodies, it keeps the skin of the ear canal soft and healthy.

Wax is made up of oil, sweat, skin cells, and dust particles. Although it performs important functions for our body, too much of it can lead to hearing loss.

People with narrow ear canals and those who frequently wear something in their ears, such as earplugs, hearing aids, or headphones, may develop a blockage.

Also, frequent use of cotton swabs can lead to the accumulation of earwax rather than its removal.

Our body can cleanse itself of excess dirt in the ears. The cells gradually move the wax closer to the outer part of the ear and then it falls off on its own, or it can be washed away with water while bathing.

A cotton swab interferes with this natural process. Because the wax that has already come closer to the outer part of the ear returns to the ear canal. Over time, it accumulates and causes health problems.

If you experience symptoms such as itching, ear congestion, fluid discharge, or pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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