Why buds fall off on an orchid: this common mistake is to blame

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Rules for caring for an orchid

Orchids can be a real home decoration, but many people are wary of these demanding flowers. Indeed, it takes a lot of effort to grow a lush orchid. The slightest drafts and the most imperceptible changes in temperature or light levels immediately lead to the loss of buds.

These flowers are very difficult to care for, especially if you are trying to make them bloom again. The Express explains why buds fall off orchids and what common mistake harms the plant.

Mistakes when watering

The Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain (RHS) has given effective advice to help protect orchids from adverse effects.

"Most indoor orchids like bright light, but not direct sun, such as a north- or east-facing window sill. You also need to pay attention to the watering regime," the experts said.

Watering should be done not with tap water but with boiled water. In this case, the water must be infused at room temperature for all kinds of impurities to precipitate.

Orchids can be sensitive to tap water due to the chemicals it contains.

The right substrate

Traditional compost for houseplants is not suitable for demanding orchids. In their natural environment, these flowers do not grow in soil but on trees, so be sure to grow them in bark-based orchid compost. This helps to mimic the conditions of the rainforest.

How to prevent bud fall

It's also important to be aware of care mistakes that can lead to flower bud drop.

The RHS explained, "Tropical orchids do not tolerate waterlogging, but also excessive dryness, so you should spray the leaves regularly."

This is especially important in the winter months when the heating is on.

According to experts, cold drafts can cause buds to fall off. Make sure that the container with the orchid is not located near any heat sources or drafts.

By the way, with proper care, the orchid will give an average of 3 new sprouts every 2 years.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what fertilizers are suitable for orchids and what mistakes should be avoided when transplanting.

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