Where to plant peonies: they will bloom lushly for years

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How to grow lush peonies

Peonies are consistently ranked as one of the favorite flowers. These lush and graceful plants will be a real decoration of the bed.

One disadvantage - the flowering season of peonies is too short. However, it is quite easy to grow them in a bed. It should be remembered that the plants do not react well to transplanting, so you should choose the site very carefully. About the peculiarities of growing peonies told the publication Porady Interia.

Why peonies do not bloom

The biggest disappointment for gardeners is the lack of peony blooms. There can be several reasons.

Not enough light

Peonies need lots of sun to develop. Do not plant them in the shade of houses or trees or near spreading shrubs.

Incorrect watering regimen

Peonies do not like excessive watering and will not bloom in waterlogged areas, but with the warmth of May the flowers will require extra moisture. Direct water directly into the soil. Active wetting of the leaves can cause fungal diseases.

Improper planting

Planting too shallow or too deep will also not promote flowering. The optimal depth is about 3-5 centimeters. Specialists do not recommend planting more than two bushes per square meter. Peonies should be planted in late August and early September.

What place to choose for peonies

These beautiful perennials do not like change. Replanting will not do peonies any good, so it is important to choose the right place and optimal soil when setting up space in the garden. If you follow all the tips, peonies can enjoy blooming every year for 15 years.

Peonies should be planted in sunny and warm places, but they are also able to bloom in a little shade. The main thing is that the flowers should be protected from the wind.

Note that peonies need some time to acclimatize. It may take 3-4 years after planting before the flowers appear. This is a completely natural phenomenon, so there is no need to panic and transplant the bush from place to place.

Peony fertilizer

Taking care of peonies in the garden also involves proper fertilization. Mineral fertilizers with a high phosphorus content will be useful in the spring. During fall care, experts recommend feeding the soil with compost or manure.

Home remedies also work great. Peony likes to fertilize with coffee grounds. This fertilizer will help maintain optimum moisture and will gently oxidize the soil. Coffee grounds are poured under the roots of plants, mixing with the top layer of substrate. You can also prepare an effective solution: add 1 cup of coffee grounds to 10-15 liters of water. It is recommended to water peonies with such a solution once every two weeks.

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