Where to plant mint: tips for caring for the fragrant plant

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Peppermint loves sunny beds

Mint is not only a fragrant spice for many dishes and drinks. It can also save seedbeds from pests, because its rich aroma is poorly tolerated by moles and mice.

Growing mint is very easy - it is a popular and unpretentious perennial crop. OBOZREVATEL looked into where to plant mint in the garden.

How to grow mint from seeds

This is the easiest way to grow mint. Seeds can be sown immediately in the ground, or by planting seedlings in advance. Experts say that the second method is much more effective.

Approximately 2 months before planting on the bed, you should sow mint in seedlings.

This plant likes sunlight, so you should choose a well-lit place. Mint will not take root except in heavy soils and too damp conditions.

How to grow mint from cuttings

Cut cuttings should be cut, put them in the holes, watered and covered with earth. You can use rhizomes or cuttings with buds. Select only those on which at least 5 leaves have grown.

The mint needs from several days to one week to get accustomed to the new place. It is after this time that the root system will begin to form and the mint will grow quickly.


How to care for mint

Mint in the first days after planting should be well watered, but not too much, so that the environment is not too wet. Afterwards, watering can be reduced to twice a month. Periodically, you should weed and loosen the soil.

During the growing season, mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorus will be ideal.

Every three years it is recommended to plant new plants. Leaves picked before flowering will be the most useful.

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