Where is the balloon? A puzzle for the smartest

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Puzzle with a balloon

Solving optical illusions is a great way to improve your memory, as well as analytical and logical thinking. Non-standard tasks make the brain and eyes strain to find the right answer as quickly as possible.

Jagran Josh has published a challenging puzzle that only the smartest can solve. Try to spot the hidden object in just 6 seconds.

The picture shows a cozy living room with a large window overlooking the garden. There are two sofas, a table, an armchair, and various plants in the room, but you need to find a balloon. Don't waste a single second and start solving the puzzle.

Where is the balloon? A puzzle for the smartest

Optical illusions are designed to test our observation, wit, and mental acuity. Such tasks have different forms, but each of them has a positive effect on thinking.

It is worth taking puzzle solving seriously to understand the essence of the task and quickly find the hidden object.

Make your brain work better by solving optical illusions regularly. This will help you keep your mind in shape.

If you managed to find the balloon, you have sharp eyesight, but if you still couldn't see the correct answer, it's circled in the picture below.

Where is the balloon? A puzzle for the smartest

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