What you should never do if your phone falls into the water: 3 main taboos

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How to dry your smartphone properly

Trouble sometimes happens, and sudden actions or careless movements can cause your smartphone to unexpectedly fall into water. In an attempt to get rid of excess moisture as quickly as possible, some people start drying it with a hairdryer or putting it in a jar of cereal to absorb water.

But this way you can only harm your smartphone. OBOZREVATEL figured out what you shouldn't do if your phone falls into the water.

How not to dry your smartphone

To prevent serious damage to the device, you should never switch it on after taking it out of the water. This can cause a short circuit or overheating. The phone may then stop working altogether.

It is also strictly prohibited:

  1. Dry your smartphone with a hairdryer or place it on a battery
  2. Blowing inside your smartphone
  3. Shake it to remove excess moisture

Shaking, by the way, can cause water droplets to get stuck in hard-to-reach places. Hot air can damage some sensitive elements of the gadget.

Do not disassemble your smartphone yourself to wipe off the water with a cloth. You can only make it worse.

What experts advise

Experts advise that when you take your smartphone out of the water, you should immediately switch it off and remove the battery, if possible.

You should also take towels or napkins, wrap your phone in them and leave it to dry naturally.

Alternatively, you can take silica gel bags that absorb moisture well.

If your smartphone stops turning on after drying, take it to a service centre as soon as possible. The less time it takes, the better.

When choosing a gadget, pay attention to the IP67 or IP68 characteristics. IP67 means that the phone is protected in the event of short-term immersion in water. IP68 is a higher level of protection, and there is a chance that the phone will "survive" after prolonged contact with water.

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