What did you see first? A psychological test will tell you why people feel lonely

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Psychological test on why people feel lonely

A simple personality test based on an optical illusion will help you understand why you feel lonely and can't find a relationship. No one is perfect, and sometimes our flaws and fears can get in the way, especially when it comes to finding love.

"All you have to do is look at the image below, pay close attention to what you see at first, and then discover how what you see shows why you're still single," suggests Rebecca Jane Stokes of YourTango.

In the stunning black-and-white image, you can see a man surfing on a starry night with a whale and the moon in the background.

A quick loneliness test.

If you saw the moon first, you are lonely because you are afraid to open up to other people.

Even though you crave the company of others and believe it will improve your life, you seem to be always on guard. Stokes emphasizes that trusting others may be scary for you, but if you don't overcome your fear, you won't be able to build the relationships you want.

If the whale caught your eye first, according to the test, you are always looking for the best for yourself and are not willing to trade off.

Such people are not selfish, they just know what they want and are not ready to settle for anything less. They know that sometimes loving someone means putting other people's needs before their own, and they are not ready for that yet.

If you saw a surfer first, then you may be lonely because of your free spirit that doesn't want commitment.

According to the test, such people consider relationships to be a compromise in which you can lose yourself. Stokes advises such people to try to stay in a relationship to see that lasting love is the greatest adventure of all.

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