What to do to make your smartphone charger last longer: one action will help

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Smartphone charging

It's impossible to imagine a modern person without a smartphone, which is used not only for communication or entertainment but also for work. A mobile phone can quickly run out of power, even if it's new.

There's no need to panic and rush your device for repair right away. OBOZREVATEL has discovered an effective tip that will help you extend your battery life.

In most cases, a smartphone drains its battery quickly due to high screen brightness and incorrect lock settings. This can be easily rectified.

You only need to change one function on your phone to prevent excessive battery consumption.

Your phone should enter lock mode and turn off the screen when you stop using it. This way, you will conserve more battery power.

Pay attention to how long the screen remains active after you set the phone down. In the settings, you can adjust the duration before the device automatically locks the screen without your intervention.

If your phone also has high brightness settings, this, combined with the active screen, leads to excessive battery drain.

Lower the brightness and adjust the screen lock settings on your phone, and you'll immediately notice improvements in battery life.

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