What to do if you missed your flight: effective tips

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What to do if you miss a flight

A traffic jam on the road, the alarm clock didn't go off, the time got mixed up. You can miss your flight for many reasons. In most cases, tourists at this point put their hands down and look for a ticket for the next date. But few people know that it is possible to solve this issue without additional costs. OBOZREVATEL gathered 3 steps and 2 tips that can help you.

  • Step one: find out the carrier's policy

It is important to note that different airlines have their own guidelines for dealing with passengers who miss their flight. So in most cases, you should start by calling customer service or approaching airport employees. This will help you save time and be in the context of the event.

It is likely that you will be offered one of the options: to wait for the next flight and board it as a "back-up passenger" or to book available seats immediately for a time that is convenient for you. Both of these options are at no extra cost if you use the same airline. This is called the flat tire rule.

But some carriers do not support this policy for people who are late for a flight through their own fault and require you to buy a new ticket. It is in order to find out all these nuances, you should call the official representatives of the company and explain your situation.

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  • Step 2: Stay at the airport and prepare for your next flight

Your question is unlikely to be resolved in 10 minutes. The call center workers must agree on all points, and only then will they be able to help you. It is best to spend the waiting time in the airline lounge. Places on another flight may appear at any time. If you will be far away, you can miss this opportunity. It is unlikely that they will meet you a second time.

  • Step 3: Consider other options

Unfortunately, not many planes are available to all destinations. So the next flight may not be until a week later, which would definitely ruin your plans. But it is always possible to find cheap tickets on routes with connections. Especially since an hour before departure prices will definitely be the lowest.

Be flexible and try to open yourself up to different options. This will help you resolve the situation if you still can't find a way to cooperate with the airline.

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It is not always your fault that you are late. Sometimes because of bad weather, technical or other reasons a flight can be postponed or canceled. And if your itinerary had connections, you immediately lose your tickets. Unless you know two simple tips:

1. Call representatives of the airline whose flight you miss as soon as you find out about it. This will allow you to transfer your reservation to the next plane without losing money and no extra fees. Carrier employees always try to make accommodations in such situations.

2. Try to reschedule your departure time online on the ticketing website. Most airlines already have this feature, so you can easily change your departure date or time.

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