What to do if you have nightmares: expert advice

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What to do if you have nightmares: expert advice

Nightmares, which have already become commonplace for Ukrainians, can be very unpleasant and cause insomnia. However, understanding the psychological significance of such dreams can help you prevent them.

According to Express, citing dream psychologist Katherine Hall, each dream is unique and unusual, but there are several common themes in them. And when it comes to the meaning of these dreams, it is much less dramatic than many people think.

The most common nightmares include themes of murder, apocalypse, tooth loss, and drowning.

According to the expert, a dream related to any kind of murder can mean that unexpected changes are being imposed on you, while a dream about the apocalypse means that your subconscious feels that everything is changing in your life and it's time to start over. Dreams about your teeth falling out can mean that you are concerned about aging or your appearance, or even that you have unexpressed anger inside.

Hall suggested that you can reduce the possibility of nightmares.

Same bedtime

"You have to make your bedtime and wake-up time as consistent as possible," the expert said.

She said: "Consistency is likely to lead to more restful and stable sleep."

Daily relaxation practice

According to her, relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) can be incredibly helpful in helping you fall asleep by reducing daytime stress.

"To do this, you need to tense each muscle group and then relax them to induce a feeling of complete relaxation of the body and mind," the expert clarified.

Recording thoughts

Hall explained that expressive writing (writing down the first thoughts that come to mind) allows the writer to better cope with emotions.

"Acknowledging your emotions and writing them down reduces the need for your mind to constantly fight any negative and stressful thoughts," she said.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol causes a general shortening of REM sleep, also known as sleep-within-a-sleep.

"When the effects of alcohol start to wear off, it is not uncommon to have really vivid dreams or nightmares," she added.


The expert recommended consulting a professional when nightmares become frequent and recur.

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