What shoes should never be washed in the machine: important rules

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Only a very limited number of types of footwear can be washed in the machine

A washing machine makes it easy to care for not only clothes but also shoes. However, not every pair can be cleaned in this way.

OBOZREVATEL tells you what types of shoes should never be sent to the drum. And how to properly wash those that are subject to such care.

Materials that cannot be machine washed

To determine for sure whether your sneakers, shoes, or ballet flats are machine washable, just pay attention to the material they are made of. Such care will ruin the pair if it is made of the following materials.

Leather - even though it is a strong and durable material, even if it is natural or eco-leather, prolonged contact with water and twisting can severely damage and deform it.

Suede or patent leather - these types of leather are even more sensitive to contact with water, regardless of its temperature. This applies to both natural and artificial versions of materials.

Metal - any metal decor makes shoes unsuitable for machine washing. In particular, because it can damage the machine.

Models with platforms or heels - thin heels will break during the spin cycle and break the machine. The platform is too heavy for machine washing, it will disturb the balance of the drum.

Decor - richly decorated shoes with rhinestones, appliqués, embroidery, etc. always require special care, so you should definitely not send them to the drum.

Unstitched shoes - if the seams in your model are not stitched, but only glued, they can come apart under the influence of water.

How to machine wash shoes

So, only pairs made of textiles and not decorated with a lot of decor are machine washable. As a rule, these are sports summer shoes that now dominate most people's wardrobes. They tolerate such care well and are easy to rinse.

Here are some tips on how to properly machine wash such shoes.

  • Choose a delicate cycle with a low temperature and a low spin. Add a small amount of detergent. It is best to give preference to liquid forms.
  • Wash laces and removable insoles only by hand.
  • All stains and heavy dirt on shoes should be removed in advance. Machine washing will only complicate the situation.
  • It is best to wash shoes in a special bag. It will not degrade the quality of care, but it will protect the machine drum from damage.
  • You can wash no more than 2 pairs of adult shoes and 3 pairs of children's shoes at a time. It is normal and safe to put in one pair.
  • Dry the washed shoes in the open air without direct sunlight. Drying near heating appliances or open flames is also prohibited. To make the pair dry faster, it is better to put crumpled newspaper or paper towels inside and change them from time to time.

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