What is forbidden to women in different countries of the world: strange and ridiculous laws

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What is prohibited to women of different countries

Years of women's struggle for their rights have brought results. But even in the most progressive countries equality has not been fully established. This is reflected at all levels: from economic to social. The most ridiculous laws in the world - in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

  • France

For a long time, the authorities of this country controlled the clothing of its citizens. Even pants were forbidden. But fortunately, these regulations are no longer in force. They have been replaced by a new one - now you can't wear a burkini on the beaches, this is a special swimsuit for Muslim women, covering almost the entire body. The reason for the law is that it is supposed to protect the right to privacy of the women themselves. How exactly - it is not yet clear.

  • Iran

The authorities in this country are against women watching soccer. It has to do not even with the game itself, but with the bare feet of the athletes and the screaming of the fans. That's why Iranian women have to dress up as men to get into the stadium. Unless, of course, they get caught in such an outfit.

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  • Turkmenistan

Local women are not allowed to buy cigarettes. And the law has only been in place for a few years. There is one way around it, though. You have to get an official certificate from a narcologist confirming your addiction to tobacco.

  • Yemen

The laws of this country do not treat the testimony of people of different sexes equally in court. For example, a woman cannot be a witness in cases involving domestic violence, betrayal, or slander.

  • Mali

In cases of divorce, men are entitled to all the women's property. Even if it was obtained before marriage and the couple drew up a prenuptial agreement.

  • Swaziland

This small African country has decided to fight immoral behavior with its own methods. So the citizens of the state are not allowed to wear miniskirts. They will be fined or even imprisoned for six months.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/2/17/people-25918701920.jpg", "imgWidth":1920, "imgHeight":1276, "title": "Women are not allowed to wear short skirts.", "sourceTxt": "pixabay.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

  • Indonesia

In different parts of the country, local authorities can set their own laws. In Aceh, for example, women have been banned from driving motorcycles because it provokes men to drive. And in the regions of Sumatra and Java they are discussing the possibility of "virgin tests" for schoolgirls, followed by a ban on studying for those who have had sexual relations.

  • America

It's strange to see such a developed country in this selection. But some states still have nonsensical laws that infringe on women's rights. Most of them, in fact, are completely unworkable. In California, for example, you can't drive a car in a bathrobe, and in Florida, unmarried women are not allowed to skydive on Sunday.

  • Congo

Female citizens must obtain a man's permission if they want to get a job. This strange prohibition is quite common in the world. Similar laws are in force in Qatar, Sudan, and Mauritania.

  • Saudi Arabia

There are many laws in this country that could be considered sexist. Only recently an order prohibiting women from driving cars was repealed. Nevertheless, there is still a decree that female nationals are not allowed to travel, enroll in universities, or get a job without the permission of a relative. This could be the father, husband, brother, or even son.

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