Under the sign of "eco": which cities care most about the environment

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What cities care most about the environment

Nowadays, environmental issues are not only relevant, but also in trend. People from all over the world are trying to switch to alternative energy sources, sort garbage, reuse things. There are cities that have achieved good results in this area. Which of them more often than others find themselves in the top positions in the ratings - in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

5. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Denmark has repeatedly been included in various world rankings. It is believed that some of the happiest people on the planet live here. Therefore, the cities of this country are developing at a fast pace. So, even now in Copenhagen are equipped with hundreds of points for waste sorting. From a very young age people are taught to use things responsibly, minimizing waste and plastic in life. And it is also a very beautiful and green city with parks and squares.

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4. Dubai (UAE).

Many people associate this city with modern technology. So it is not surprising that the authorities of Dubai pay a lot of attention to the issue of ecology. Here, in a region of great heat and loose sands, thousands of trees are planted everywhere and green areas are created. Parks are organized even on the roofs of apartment buildings and in the courtyards of business centers.

Much attention is paid to transportation as well. For example, many Dubai residents drive luxury electric cars that do not pollute the air.

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3. Brisbane, Australia.

It's hard to imagine that one of the greenest cities in the world is also the center of Australian industry. It is home to steel mills, coal mines, factories and plants. But the authorities are responsible about preserving the environment, so they install expensive filters and equipment that control dangerous emissions into the atmosphere.

Besides, Brisbane has almost completely switched to reproducible energy in all spheres. And city residents have long been accustomed to the world's new environmental regulations.

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2. Madrid, Spain.

Such a high mark for the Spanish capital was brought by a responsible attitude to the issue of energy and transport. Many houses here have long had solar panels installed on their roofs. In the city you can often see not only environmentally friendly public transport, but also electric cars. By the way, local young people prefer convenient mopeds and scooters, which do not pollute the air at all.

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1. Canberra, Australia.

Surprisingly, more than 88% of all public transport in the city is considered "green". This means that buses, streetcars, and trains here are virtually pollution-free. They also run very frequently, which eliminates the need for your own car. So there's practically no traffic jams in Canberra and the air is much cleaner than anywhere else on the planet.

The number of parks also makes a big difference. The city is almost entirely filled with them. Every neighborhood has designated areas where you can experience nature.

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