The week will be hard: who will be in trouble. Tarot Horoscope

Even in the most difficult life circumstances, tarot cards can help you understand and find your way

In times of uncertainty, we often look for non-obvious clues to help us better understand our path. Tarot cards can give advice in such a situation.

Professional tarot experts have already named the card of the week for all zodiac signs. Find out if you're in for adventures, problems, or changes.

Aries: Hanging

Your card indicates a major shift that opens up new perspectives. It can also mean that some sacrifice is required. The process that the Hanged Man wants you to go through in the days ahead may seem uncomfortable, but it can lead you to a much-needed release from negative patterns of the past that no longer serve you. What have you been holding on to and what beliefs have been holding you back? This week you'll have the opportunity to let them go once and for all.

Taurus: Six of Pentacles

Your card of the week is a card of generosity, charity, giving and receiving. This can literally mean that you will give someone a loan or provide other financial support. However, it can also indicate other kinds of help - advice or guidance, physical help, such as moving, even psychological support that your loved one needs right now. Some of the most valuable gifts we give to others are free. Don't forget that and be generous.

Gemini: The Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is a card of vision and advancement. This week there is a chance that you will receive some kind of invitation or offer that you may not have expected. You should open yourself to this opportunity and take advantage of it. But don't forget to be cautious when moving forward. Your card warns against getting too carried away with fantasies. Assess the situation before proceeding, make sure everything is going according to your plan, and then you will get the benefits you want.

Cancer: The Seven of Cups

Have you been feeling like you're doing too many things at once lately? This week, the Seven of Cups indicates that you have too many competing priorities. And while it's very noble to channel your energy into so many different things, you may not be able to give any of them the attention they deserve. As a result, if not all of them, then several of them will suffer. Choice can be our friend, but it can also be our enemy. Now is the time to figure out where your time and energy should be spent.

Leo: Page of Swords

If you've been waiting for a sign to start implementing an idea you've been working on, this is it! The Page of Swords indicates that you are full of energy and enthusiasm for a new project or venture. The question is, will you be able to sustain this boundless enthusiasm once you start acting? No matter what direction you choose to take in life, there will always be obstacles you have to overcome. Don't let that hold you back. Pay attention to your passions and start moving in their direction. This will help you keep the momentum going.

Virgo: The Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is a card of celebration and friendship, so this week you may find yourself in a constant party mode with those closest to you. Go out on the town with friends or throw a dinner party for the whole family. Gather your closest colleagues for a lunch at the office. It's not so much about what you organize as it is about the camaraderie between you and other people. Life isn't all about responsibilities and obligations, so relax and enjoy right now!

Libra: The Seven of Pentacles

If you've been thinking about giving up and giving in, think again. Your card of the week, the Seven of Pentacles, reminds you that nothing worthwhile can be achieved overnight. Perhaps you've been working on a project or area of your life, but you haven't been able to see any results from your efforts. Understandably, this has been a source of frustration for you. Remind yourself that it was not an easy task and be proud of the efforts you have already made. Your hard work and patience may not have paid off yet, but they will soon bring you success.

Scorpio: Page of Cups

Keep an open mind and an open mind this week. The Page of Cups calls you to return to a time in your life when you were a more caring, fearless, idealistic person. Recent circumstances may have forced you to adopt a more cynical vision, to withdraw into yourself to protect yourself from injury. While this approach can certainly help you avoid more pain, it can also prevent you from experiencing the joys of life. Don't let your past dictate your future in this way. Learn to trust again

Sagittarius: The Five of Cups

Your card indicates that you have allowed yourself to sink into a sea of regret and disappointment. While the pain you feel is very real and you should not ignore it, staying in this mode forever is not the answer. By choosing to focus on your perceived failures or mistakes, you will not be able to see the positive things right in front of you and will not be able to move on to real successes. There is hope, and this week it's important to find where that hope is and turn your attention to it.

Capricorn: King of Swords

Your mind is your greatest asset this week. You may have an important decision to make or uncharted territory to explore in a particular area of your life. The King of Swords encourages you to use logic and intelligence to navigate the situation rather than letting yourself be swayed by emotion. You will only determine the right path when you really get to the heart of the matter, and this can only happen if you are impartial. Give yourself the opportunity to look at the course of events through a clearer lens and you will see your path appear before you.

Aquarius: The Two of Cups

The Two of Cups means that partnerships will be in the spotlight for you this week. This partnership could be of a romantic nature or it could be something you've built with a friend or professional ally. Although your relationship with this person is still in its early stages, it has the potential to grow into something that will benefit both of you in the long run. Take the time to develop this connection now, and also rejoice in the fact that your combined strengths and mutual admiration can take you far beyond your starting point.

Pisces: King of Wands

You may be presented with a great opportunity this week, and the King of Wands indicates that you have the strength and spirit to take it. Have you avoided leadership positions in the past? Have you felt overwhelmed by taking on more responsibilities? Now is the time to stand firm and realize your vision. The key to success is having a clear idea of where you want to go and setting realistic goals that will help you along the way.

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