Style enemies: 5 fashion mistakes that make you look old and tired

Darya SkubLife
Fashion taboos for women of all ages.

Even if you play sports, take care of your face and body skin, and eat right, you can look older than your age. Improperly chosen clothes can add several or even ten years.

Read OBOZREVATEL's article about the markers that can help you recognise things that are far from stylish or just plain tasteless. Learn from the mistakes of the stars.

1. Clothes that don't fit

Remember the simple rules - wardrobe items should not be too tight or too big (over-oversize). In the first case, things emphasise the folds on the body (even if they are not there, they will visually make them), and in the second case, they will give the silhouette a baggy look.


2. Total black

Black outfits seem practical because you don't have to think about creating looks with them. However, before you leave the house in dark colours, remember that they make the skin look tired and can add a few extra years. To avoid this effect, complement your outfit with pastel or bright shades.


3. Skirts and dresses that are too long

No, this will not make you visually taller. But it will make you look older. Choose alternative options - a pencil skirt or A-line. The length can be up to the middle of the knee, a little lower or midi. This will make the look more impressive.


4. Baggy blazers (a type of jacket)

Oversized blazers give women a masculine look, hide the silhouette and deform the posture. When shopping, make sure that the model you choose does not add extra pounds. This wardrobe item should be balanced: not too tight and not too bulky.


5. Glasses with thin or no frames

This accessory can ruin all your efforts to look stylish and young. Forget about glasses without frames or with thin metal frames. Get a large, spectacular frame that will emphasise the geometry of your face.


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