She gave up plastic surgery and challenged everyone: how Monica Bellucci has changed in 30 years. Photos then and now

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Monica Bellucci has never changed her appearance

At the age of 58, the famous Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci can boast of her natural beauty and the absence of fillers in her face. The star has never used the services of plastic surgeons and has avoided "beauty injections" because she is not afraid of ageing.

She talked about this in one of her interviews. OBOZREVATEL decided to recall how the years have affected the famous beauty, who is still considered the sex symbol of her generation (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Bellucci's career began in the distant 80s, when no one knew about her. The young and ambitious girl aspired to become a model, but thanks to her beauty, talent and slim figure, she quickly found herself on film sets.


In 1990, she made her debut in the TV series Vita coi figli, and then began playing leading roles in films. The Italian became a sought-after actress not only in her native Italy but also in Hollywood.

Monica Bellucci has always been a femme fatale. She did not like shocking images and bright experiments. Her typical make-up consisted of eyeliner and light gloss, because the star's beauty was easy to emphasise and there was no need to hide her flaws.


When she was young, she preferred feminine, sexy outfits and light hairstyles. Over the years, after the birth of two children, the actress changed her hair colour from black to natural, and her images became more restrained.


Nowadays, you can easily see how the years and a busy schedule have affected Bellucci's face. However, the artist challenged the whole world and refused to give up lifts, Botox injections and other manipulations with her appearance.


She once said: "Many people are afraid of losing their beauty as they get older, but I try not to worry about these things. I'm more afraid of death because I have two children and I want to see them grow up. You can't do anything about getting older anyway, so it's better to accept it."

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