Seven zodiac signs often choose long-distance relationships: they are sure that marriage is not for them

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Seven zodiac signs often choose long-distance relationships

Long-distance relationships are often chosen by those who are not ready to take responsibility. They are not fully confident in their feelings to make a decision to move.

Insider astrologers have identified seven zodiac signs that believe marriage is not for them. Find out who made the list.


Geminis choose long-distance relationships because they are afraid that a partner can destroy their usual way of life. They are often not ready to sacrifice meetings with friends even for the sake of a loved one.


Representatives of this sign believe that trust is an important factor in the success of long-distance relationships. They are not ready to take more decisive steps - the natives of this sign want to test their feelings first and are in no hurry to make important decisions.


Capricorns are sure that long-distance relationships are the perfect option for them until they achieve the desired financial well-being. Natives of this sign don't want anyone to interfere with their career.


Friendly Aquarians have many friends and also enjoy their freedom. Thus, long-distance relationships can be an ideal option for them. They don't want to limit their freedom.


Natives of this sign love traveling and new adventures. Long-distance relationships give them excitement and unforgettable emotions. Sagittarians consider marriage boring because they hate routines.


Passionate and romantic Leos are great lovers because of their ability to constantly show their feelings to their partner. But they are sure that marriage is not for them, because they do not need restrictions.


The natives of this sign are very emotional and choose long-distance relationships so that if something goes wrong, it won't hurt so much. It's hard for Pisces to let another person into their lives, let alone make such an important decision as marriage.

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