"Serfdom?" Russians threw a tantrum over new law on subpoenas to Russia, but dream of destroying Ukraine

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Serving subpoenas in the Russian Federation
Serving subpoenas in the Russian Federation

The Russian Federation has decided to create a unified register of citizens liable for military service. Subpoenas will be sent out, among other things, through the electronic service "Gosuslugi" (State Services portal) (in this case, they will be considered received from the moment they are posted in the personal account), and evaders will be banned from leaving the country.

The relevant amendments to the law were approved by the State Duma on April 11 in the third reading. On social media, Russians are outraged, some calling it "slavery", but most simply do not want to serve, rather than being concerned about the war waged against Ukraine.

It is worth noting that the new ways of notifying conscripts, in addition to the State Services portal and Multifunctional Centres (MFCs), also include registered letters.

If a draft notice is sent through a conscript's personal account on the State Services portal, it will be considered received from the moment it is posted on the service, State Duma deputy Andrey Kartapolov explained. Russians on the Internet noted that few people check their personal accounts on a regular basis, and that they often freeze.

At the same time, all those who have been "served" with draft notices but have not gone to the military commissariat will be restricted from leaving the country. It turns out that the ban on crossing the border may come as a surprise to those liable for military service.

"Clowns, I don't even go there," "What if I have a push-button phone?" "What is a personal account? Where can I find it?" "Kartapolov is an idiot," wrote readers of one of the propaganda Telegram channels.


Some Russians suggest that after the amendments come into force, the Russian authorities may be preparing another "partial mobilisation".

"That's it, now there's no way out", "Preparations for the second wave of mobilisation, apparently", "We are waiting for mobilisation. There are so many changes for a reason," commentators believe.


"The Tsar has returned serfdom!" "It's better to let it be considered received from the moment the military commissar decided to send it, why make it so complicated?" - Russian Telegram users are outraged.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, before the State Duma passed the amendments to the law, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that the parliament's decision had nothing to do with mobilisation.

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