"Purges" of the management team at the customs are over: what is known about the dismissal of the "chief schemer"

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Cherkaskyy released
Cherkaskyy released

Today, March 24, Ruslan Cherkaskyy, deputy chairman of the SMS (State Migration Service of Ukraine), was fired. This was done after he had been on sick leave for 56 days. The official was called the "main schemer" at the customs.

The decision to dismiss Cherkaskyy was taken by the Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting on March 24. Also about the dismissal of the odious customs officer said and MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak in his Telegram-channel.

"One of the symbols of corruption at the customs, finally, after so many months of struggle, fired! Of course, there is still a long way to clean up the customs, but this is a case where the system has lost one of its "powerful" people. I would like to believe that the signal to all others like this is at least somewhat clear," said Zheleznyak.

The day before, the deputy said that after 55 days on sick leave, Cherkaskyy was still in office. "This is exactly the person who has been hiding for 55 days on sick leave from being fired after a type of "purgation" of customs. Exactly the man who, according to many sources, is considered to be the main schemer at the customs... Exactly the one to whom the retired father gave 4 million, and now this case NAPC passed to the SAPO," - reported Zheleznyak.

Thus, earlier in March 2023, the NAPC discovered that Cherkaskyy received a cash "gift" of 150 thousand dollars, or about 4 million hryvnias, from a retired father. NAPC monitoring found that Cherkaskyy's father and mother did not have such large financial resources for the gift. In addition, it became known that the father of the official in 2018 bought an apartment in Kyiv for more than 1.8 million UAH and a parking space for 100 thousand UAH.

Also the Cabinet of Ministers on March 24 decided to dismiss Dmytro Klimentkov from the position of first deputy Chairman of the State Property Fund. In turn, Vitaly Zahaynyy appointed Secretary of State of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs.

As reported earlier by OBOZREVATEL, back on February 1, part of the management of the State Customs Service of Ukraine was dismissed. The Cabinet of Ministers made the corresponding decision.

According to MP Oleksiy Goncharenko ("European solidarity"), the following have been dismissed: acting chairman Vyacheslav Demchenko, his first deputy Alexander Schutsky. It is noted that the duties of the head of customs will not Demchenko, but Serhii Zvyagintsev.

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