Occupiers launched 26 Shahed drones in Ukraine per day, 21 were shot down by air defense forces - General Staff

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The occupants launched 26 Shahed drones overnight in Ukraine.

Russian occupation troops continue to terrorize Ukrainian civilians with aerial attacks. In the past 24 hours alone, the invaders used 26 Iranian Shahed-type kamikaze drones.

As a result of the work of air defense forces, 21 UAVs were destroyed. This is stated in a summary of the General Staff of the AFU on the morning of April 20.

All in all, Russian troops launched three missile and 57 air strikes during the day. Putin's terrorists also fired 69 multiple rocket launchers at our troops' positions and settlements.

The criminal actions of the Russians once again resulted in civilian deaths and injuries. In addition, private homes and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed and damaged.

According to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration Sergei Lysak, on the night of April 20, military personnel from the Vostok air command and the air defense of the terror defense landed six strike UAVs that the enemy had sent to Dnipropetrovsk region. According to preliminary reports, the Shaheds were destroyed over the region.

Recall that on the night of April 19, Russian terrorists carried out another attack on Ukraine with Iranian kamikaze drones of the Shahed type. The enemy attacked the Odessa region with 12 strike UAVs. As a result of the work of air defense forces, 10 enemy UAVs were destroyed.

Earlier it was reported that a powerful explosion occurred in Zaporizhzhya in the evening of April 18. It happened during the air-raid alert. Subsequently, it turned out that the Defense Forces had managed to shoot down the Shaheds.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the defenders of the south of Ukraine showed footage of the destruction of "shaheds" during a night drone attack on April 19. Soldiers of the 160th anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Odessa brigade shot down most of the enemy targets.

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