No thief will find: the best place to hide money at home

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Offenders primarily search bedrooms and kitchens

According to statistics, the most popular hiding places for money in the home are under furniture and behind walls. People also often hide money in books, mattresses, pillows, or decorative items. But burglars are very experienced and know all the classic hiding places for currency and valuables.

Too obvious hiding places should be avoided in favour of unique and original places. Sante Plus shared some of them.

Where to hide money

It is important to remember that thieves know many common hiding places, so you need to choose a hard-to-reach place.

Even the most sophisticated hiding places are not reliable. If you have a large amount of money that you want to save, it is better to choose a safer solution: a safe or a bank account.

Insurance experts have given some tips. You can bury money in a large flowerpot under a plant or hide banknotes behind a framed photo. However, these hiding places are not completely safe, so it is important to remain vigilant.

Where thieves most often look for money and jewelry

Most thieves start their search in the bedroom. Then they head to the kitchen. They may even thoroughly search your pantry for cash or other valuables.

Thieves will first check

  • storage jars (e.g., coffee, cookie, or tea jars)
  • books on the shelf
  • freezer
  • bathroom
  • empty cardboard
  • boxes
  • pillows
  • cabinets
  • lamps
  • mattresses
  • various kitchen containers
  • jewelry box
  • toilet bowl
  • cavities in the walls and under the floor.

Where to hide cash safely

If you want to store valuables or cash, experts recommend buying a safe. This will ensure asset protection. In addition, it is important to have good protection against burglaries, such as burglar-proof windows and doors, a reliable door lock and door latch, and an alarm system.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL shared what experts named the most reliable and dangerous hiding places for money.

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