No more restraint: in 2023, a French manicure with a twist burst into fashion. Photo.

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French manicure with a twist burst into fashion

The classic French manicure is considered a model of simplicity and elegance, but in 2023, you can forget about restraint and give free rein to your imagination. Designs with bright and shiny details have become fashionable.

The closer the warm season comes, the more popular atypical variations of French manicure become, which will definitely appeal to fans of bold ideas. The editors of the French website Lofficiel told us about the new trend (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

In 2023, fingers will look stylish not in white, but, for example, in red, green, blue, or other juicy colours. A manicure will look even more playful if you combine several shades and varnish each nail differently.


A colourful French manicure will attract attention and add uniqueness to even a simple look. Instead of a nude nail, you can cover the nail with coloured varnish and paint the tip with a contrasting colour. Fashionable combinations include pink and red or classic black and white.


As for the shape of the nail, the most fashionable this season is the almond shape, which is characterised by a rounded tip.


What's more, OBOZREVATEL previously wrote that chrome French is coming back into fashion, which hasn't been seen on fashionistas' fingers for a long time. The French double ombre manicure will look no less stylish.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, you can pay attention to less bright, but equally original French designs - invisible and glass. They will also be at the peak of popularity.

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