Lunar haircut calendar for February: what days are favorable

This February is surprisingly rich in successful days

It's a new month, which means that many of us are already looking for a gap in our schedules to make an appointment at a beauty salon to get our hair done. And they are even looking for the most favorable dates for this according to the lunar calendar.

There is a belief that hair care done on certain days will have the greatest effect. It is quite difficult to verify this scientifically, but this approach will definitely do no harm. Therefore, OBOZ.UA will tell you which days in February are the best to plan a visit to the hairdresser.

How the moon phases were distributed in February 2024

This year's February will begin and end with a waning moon. Here is the lunar phase calendar for this period

  • February 1-9 - waning;
  • February 10 - new;
  • February 11-23 - growing;
  • February 24 - full;
  • February 25-29 - waning.

Good dates

In the coming weeks, there will indeed be many good dates to change your hairstyle and work on your image. You should make an appointment at the salon on the following dates: February 1, 7, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22 and 24. A haircut or styling done on this day should last a long time, the ends of the hair should not split, and any care should be even more beneficial than usual.

Bad days

There are only five bad dates in the entire month. On these days, it's best not to opt for a hairstyle procedure. And here's why.

February 2

In general, it's a bad day to experiment with your appearance. The results will be unpredictable. Coloring will be especially unsuccessful. It can damage the hair, and the color will not adhere well and will not last.

February 4

A bad day for a haircut. Hair will grow poorly and split after it. The styling done on this day will not last long.

February 6

It is better to refrain from experimenting with hairstyles as they are likely to be unsuccessful. If you need to put yourself in order on this day, it is better to give preference to a proven look.

February 16

A haircut done on this day will be unsuccessful. The result will be very disappointing.

February 25

Hair cut on this day will become thin and weak. However, coloring can be successful, especially if you dye it in a color close to your natural one.

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