"Lukashenko's condition is critical": Belarusian opposition demands a "strategic session" to discuss elections in Belarus

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Lukashenko allegedly felt ill after his meeting with Putin in Moscow

Belarus has announced that the condition of its self-proclaimed president, Alexander Lukashenko, is critical. After a closed meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Belarusian dictator, rumors of his rapidly deteriorating health were circulating in Belarus, was allegedly urgently hospitalized in the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow, where he underwent purification of blood and was found to be in an untransportable condition.

This information was made public by Belarusian opposition politician Valeri Tsepkalo with a reservation on the need for further confirmation. On behalf of the Belarusian opposition, he called on Western leaders to urgently convene a strategic session to discuss the elections in Belarus.

According to Tsepkalo, during his visit to Moscow, the condition of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko allegedly rapidly deteriorated. Now he is hospitalized and, Tsepkalo assures, untransportable. At the same time, the oppositionist added, the Kremlin has launched a vigorous activity to "save" Lukashenko, but only in order to remove suspicions of poisoning the dictator.

"According to preliminary information, which requires further confirmation, Lukashenko was urgently taken to the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow after a closed meeting with Putin. He is now under medical supervision there. Leading specialists were brought in to treat his critical condition. Blood purification procedures were carried out, and Lukashenko's condition was deemed untransportable. The organized efforts to save the Belarusian dictator were aimed at dispelling speculation about the Kremlin's alleged involvement in his poisoning. Regardless of whether he recovers or not, doctors warn of the possibility of relapses," Tsepkalo writes.

In view of this information, the Belarusian opposition appeals to the Western leaders with a request to convene a strategic session to discuss the possibility of fair elections in Belarus.

"As representatives of the Belarusian Democratic Forum of the Republic of Belarus, we sincerely urge the Western leaders to convene a strategic session in the coming days to discuss the "Elections" initiative and other measures to be taken to ensure the transition period. We unambiguously state that the existing technologies are sufficient for fair and transparent elections in Belarus in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, without direct interference from the Kremlin," noted Tsepkalo.

In his opinion, the involvement of the democratic world in the resumption of a democratic electoral process in Belarus will be a chance for the country to make long-awaited changes for the better, while for the international community it will mean the elimination of a permanent source of danger, which is the Kremlin-controlled Lukashenko regime.

"Thus, we will create a legitimate institution in the eyes of all Belarusians and the world community as a whole. Holding elections at such a critical moment will not only help restore law and order in the future of Belarus, but will also lay the foundation for stabilizing the situation on the borders of the European Union and the world," stressed Tsepkalo.


To recap, rumors that Lukashenko had health problems began to circulate after he started to appear less frequently in public. Then the media suspected that he had health problems. It was also fueled by the urgent departure of the dictator from Moscow on May 9, when Lukashenko, who was illuminated at Putin's parade on Red Square, did not even stay for the gala dinner in the Kremlin.

Journalists later learned that Lukashenko arrived at the presidential clinic in Drozdny after rumors of health problems, where he spent at least two hours.

After this, the network reported that the Belarusian dictator had serious health problems: in particular, he probably suffers from a serious problem with his endocrine system and has a cardiological disease, according to some sources.

To put an end to talk about his well-being, Lukashenko appeared in public after several days of absence. He struck a sickly look. The dictator also had a bandaged arm.

May 23, during a meeting on health issues, Lukashenko announced his diagnosis: according to the dictator, he was allegedly ill with adenovirus. However, now, said Lukashenko, the disease has receded, so he "is not going to die.

The very next day,following the rumors of his illness, Lukashenkotraveled to Moscow again to participate in the Eurasian Economic Forum and in talks with Putin on "problems that should not exist at all" between the "union" of Russia and Belarus.

In photos and videos of the dictator, vigilant users noticed that he kept in his jacket pocket his hand, which had previously been bandaged. Therefore, the rumors that Lukashenka is still concerned about his health problems have been spreading with renewed vigor.

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