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Combinations of clothes that are out of fashion

Understanding trends, knowing about specific current wardrobe items, popular shades and styles is only half the battle for true fashionistas. It is much more difficult to learn how to combine clothes with each other, creating stylish and effective ensembles from individual items.

How and with what we wear a particular item can also go in and out of fashion. Therefore, it is important to understand which combinations have long since lost their relevance and what alternatives the fashion world can offer instead. OBOZREVATEL has figured it out.

Transparent tights under winter clothes

This anti-trend combination seems to be known to everyone. However, many girls continue to use it. If it's frankly bad weather outside, and your bare leg peeks out between your coat and boot, it looks like you've forgotten about a piece of clothing. It's no longer stylish, and most importantly, it's inappropriate in the cold. Instead, wear tights to match your shoes or belt. Among other things, this way you will be able to avoid a large number of horizontal lines that visually shorten and widen the silhouette.


Skinny jeans + black knee-high boots

10 years ago, this combination was very popular among fashionistas, but now, if you still wear skinny jeans, and even more so with knee-high boots, we advise you to quickly abandon this union. Skinnies themselves have long since lost their relevance. Instead, choose more voluminous models and tuck only such jeans into your boots. In this case, the volume of the boots should be very wide. If you are a fan of tight trousers and absolutely do not want to give up skinny jeans, then compensate for the missing volume at the top with an oversized jacket, sweater or shirt. And on your feet, wear low-top boots with chunky soles.


Hat, mittens and scarf set

If you don't want to make your winter look "outdated", then you'll have to give up on mittens, a scarf and a hat from one set. In recent years, as well as in the coming ones, these accessories should not be combined either in colour or texture. A hat, for example, can match the colour of the shoes, mittens can match the shade of the outerwear, and the scarf can remain neutral.


Bag and shoes of the same colour

As in the previous case, the "one colour" rule has long been out of date. Although many ladies still prefer black handbags, as most of the shoes in their wardrobe are of this colour. "Boring!" - designers shout at their shows and set the trend for bags that will become a bright addition to your everyday outfits.


Shirt with a collar + jumper

Do you remember how 5-7 years ago we all liked to wear layered looks using this technique? Time has passed, layered looks are still popular, but the shirt, jumper and straightened collar are far, far in the past. Now we choose a very voluminous men's shirt and complement it with an equally voluminous jumper, hoodie or vest. What to do with the collar? If you really want to, you can experiment with enlarged retro options.


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