Live to a ripe old age: which zodiac signs are long-livers

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Life expectancy depends on many factors: health, environment, stress level and satisfaction of basic needs, material well-being, bad habits, etc. As it turned out, representatives of several zodiac signs dominate among long-livers. The peculiarities of their character, habits, and outlook allow them to live to a ripe old age and enjoy life.

According to astrologers, a total of five zodiac signs have a chance to live a long life. These people are usually physically active and eat a healthy diet. Each of them combines health care with a lack of aggression and risk-taking.


Capricorns are characterized by physical and mental endurance. They are resilient and persistent people who quickly solve difficult situations and do not dwell on the negative. Capricorns are active and lively people who love sports and social life. They treat work as a passion, strive for professional fulfillment and achievement of their goals.

Capricorns usually take care of physical activity and undergo regular medical examinations. Capricorn women can live up to 80 years old, and men - up to 77 years old.


Taurus loves stability and is afraid of risk. To be happy, they need a cozy and comfortable life. Taurus live a long time because they are very cautious and prudent. They won't take rash risks and are unlikely to leave their comfort zone, trying to enjoy a stress-free life. Taurus is afraid of change and avoids dangerous situations.

Taurus women care a lot about physical fitness and can spend a lot of money on body care procedures. They like naturalness. Taurus women live an average of 80 years, and men - up to 82 years.


The main goal of Libra in life is to live in harmony with themselves and the world. Calmness and stability are very important to them, and they do not like change at all. Before making important life decisions, Libra will weigh and consider everything for a long time and carefully. Then weigh it again. And think it over again.

Representatives of this sign strive to live in harmony with people - they are in great need of love, approval, support, and help. Libras take care of their health and appearance. Libra women live an average of 77 years, while men live 73 years.


Virgos are overly concerned about their health. They regularly visit the doctor, go in for sports, take all the tests and follow all the recommendations. Virgos are well organized and know how to cope with stressful situations. If the representatives of this sign start saving money, it is in most cases to invest it in their health and appearance. No wonder they look younger than their age. Virgo women live up to 81 years old, men - up to 77 years old.


Aries knows how important sports and healthy eating are. In every matter of life, Aries is guided by reason, and this also applies to the awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Representatives of this sign immediately go to the doctor as soon as they feel the slightest deterioration in their health. They are decisive and persistent, spend a lot of time outdoors, and exercise regularly. Aries women live an average of 79 years, while men live 78 years.

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