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What you need to know before flying with a child

At what age is it allowed to fly with a baby on an airplane? Does my baby have to sit in my arms or in a separate seat? How to choose the best seats? These are just a small percentage of the questions that worry parents before a flight. Answers to them in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

  • At what age are children allowed on the flight?

Even newborn babies are allowed on the plane. However, some airlines require a pediatrician's certificate of health and a written waiver from parents in case the child is not feeling well during the flight.

  • Can I hold a baby in my arms?

Children under the age of 2 years are allowed to be held in their arms. In this case, parents are required to secure young passengers with special belts when it is required by airline rules.

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  • Until how old do I have to buy a separate children's ticket?

Here everything depends on the carriers. There are no general rules on this issue. Most companies allow not to pay for children under two years of age if they will be in the arms of the parents during the entire flight. Others may require a separate ticket.

  • Is it safe to hold children in my arms?

Employees of airlines agree that it is better to put babies in a separate child seat, which is attached to the normal seat. In this case, parents can take their own cradle or ask for one from a flight attendant. Children over 2 years should definitely have a separate seat and a special harness designed for their height and weight. This will protect your child from injury and damage during the flight as much as possible.

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  • Can I take baby food on the plane?

General rules say that no containers with liquids larger than 100 ml may be taken on board. However, baby food itself is an exception in this case. You can take the necessary amount of food and drink to ensure that your baby is comfortable on board. You may also take diapers, diapers, and personal care products in your hand luggage. In the case of illnesses that require taking medication on time, it is allowed to carry medications. But they must have a prescription.

What seats are best?

The best places to fly are at the very front, near the window, and next to the toilets. In the first and last cases, parents will have more space to accommodate their children, as well as the opportunity to install a cradle. Places near the portholes are best for distracting and soothing the babies.

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