"Invisible" French manicure will be the most fashionable in 2023: what is the peculiarity. Photo.

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New nail design will be popular in 2023

Even timeless classics sometimes need to be rethought to remain relevant. Such changes this season have also affected the French manicure. In 2023, the "invisible" French manicure will be at the peak of popularity.

Its highlight is minimalism, which is now setting trends in fashion. OBOZREVATEL decided to show a new hit in the world of nail art, which was told by Glamour (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The "invisible" jacket has no clear design and no specific rules. It was so called because of the invisible lines and base varnishes that merge with the colour of the nail plate.


We know that a classic French manicure is a nude base and a white varnish highlighted with a nail tip, but in an "invisible" French manicure, you need to avoid pronounced details.

So, the tip can be highlighted with a single line without filling it in. Designs with shiny and reflective nude polishes on the base are also popular.


Some daredevils literally create an "invisible" jacket by not specifically painting over the tip of the nail with varnish, leaving it transparent.


The advantage of such a manicure is that you can create a lot of designs. If you show your imagination, it will be difficult to find or repeat such nail art.

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