How to whiten things without store-bought chemicals: three life hacks

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You can restore whiteness to your clothes with simple home remedies

Factory bleaching products may be effective, but they are often cruel to fabrics. Especially those that contain chlorine. That's why many lovers of light shirts and towels wonder how to restore white color to their clothes without harm.

OBOZREVATEL has collected three home remedies that will fight yellow or gray bloom on things. At the same time, their impact on the fibers will be minimal.

Hydrogen peroxide

We are talking about pharmacy peroxide, which has a concentration of 3%. Only it will act gently enough. To bring back the whiteness of grayed clothes, dilute one tablespoon of the product in 2 liters of water. Make as much solution as you need to soak your clothes, leave them for 30 minutes, and then wash them as usual.

Table salt

Salted water also works well for things that have lost their whiteness. Dilute it in the proportion of 3 tablespoons per liter of water. Soak the clothes in this solution for an hour. And then send them to the washing program corresponding to the fabric to the machine.

Laundry soap

The old-fashioned remedy is effective in whitening things, among other things. But you'll need to be patient for it to work properly. Wet the clothes and rub them generously with laundry soap. After that, put them in a plastic bag, remove all the air from it, and close the bag. You can roll the bag up to prevent air from entering. Depending on the degree of contamination, leave the items in this state for 1 hour to a day. After that, wash them as usual.

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