How to save white clothes from stains and yellowing: simple laundry secrets

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Effective bleach can be made at home

White things - no matter whether it's clothes or home textiles - look amazing. They refresh the look and give a sense of purity and freshness. But they all have the same problem: the color is very easy to spoil. It's enough to put something colored in the washing machine or leave a small stain and the item can be considered ruined.

The Kobieta magazine claims that it's not really that dramatic. Most white clothes can be saved from stains and yellowing. And it doesn't always require expensive products. An effective bleach can often be made at home from what you already have on hand.

Bleaching after washing with color things

If white clothes have become stained after washing because of an extra item that got into the drum, you can fix the situation. There are three effective remedies:

laundry soap - make a soap solution with a little warm water, wash the item by hand and rinse it;

lemon juice - pour warm water into a bowl, add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and two sliced lemons, soak the clothes in this liquid for about an hour, rinse them and wash them in a machine on a regular program;

baking powder - soak the clothes in a baking powder solution or wash them with a regular powder to which you add this product; a delicate program and a temperature of up to 40 degrees are best (you can use ordinary baking soda instead of baking powder).

Whitening yellowed or grayed items

Towels and bedding that have to be washed frequently most often lose their dazzling whiteness. Especially if you wash them at high temperatures. A hotel maid revealed what a budget remedy can save the day. And it is citric acid.

Dissolve it in water in a ratio of 3:7. Soak the towels in the resulting product for several hours and then wash them in the machine in the usual way.

Instead of acid, you can use whole lemons. Cut a large fruit into slices, put it in a saucepan, pour 1 liter of water and boil. Soak yellowed or grayed white clothes in the resulting broth for an hour and then wash them as usual.

Lemon juice is also an effective bleach. Dilute half a glass of it in a liter of water, mix thoroughly, and put the clothes in this liquid for half an hour. After that, it's the usual machine wash.

Another lifesaver in this case is aspirin. Dissolve a few aspirin tablets in water and then soak the towels in it for at least half an hour before washing them normally.

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