How to save a dry orchid in a matter of days: the plant will bloom again

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How to save an orchid

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, an orchid can also get on your nerves. This tropical plant is very sensitive to humidity, lighting, and room temperature.

It is also difficult to adjust the watering regime. Too much moisture can cause the orchid's roots to rot. If there is not enough moisture, the plant will dry out quickly. Read how to save a dry orchid in the OBOZREVATEL article.

How to understand that an orchid is dehydrated

If an orchid lacks water, its flower stalks and flowers will quickly wither and fall off. The leaves will fade and become inelastic and yellow.

It's a paradox, but an orchid can dry out even if it has been flooded with water before. This is due to the roots. Excessive watering causes a lack of air exchange and the roots can simply suffocate and wither.

It is not always possible to save a dried orchid. First, you should check the roots. Only if you see even the slightest signs of life on them, then there is a chance for salvation.

How to save a dry orchid

To restore an orchid, you need to change the old substrate to a new one. Experts advise using sphagnum moss, because it can absorb a significant amount of moisture - 15 times its own weight. The moisture level will be restored and it is likely that the plant will bloom again.

But first, cut off the dried flower stalks, remove dry and rotten roots, leaving only the living ones.

Then fill the orchid pot with moss. It's worth noting that the airy structure of moss will allow more air to pass through to the roots.

Heat the water to a temperature of 50°C. It should not be too hot so as not to burn the plant. Pour the heated water into a cup and lower the pot into it. Wait for the moss to warm up and pour off any excess moisture. Now the roots will be able to breathe freely.

Next, revive the orchid. Place it in a plastic bag. Do not close it too tightly. Make a hole to allow for normal gas exchange. Leave the orchid on the windowsill for three days.

There are a number of signs that indicate that the plant is coming to life within 72 hours. Inspect the leaves - they should become stiffer. The roots will grow a little.

If you take proper care of the orchid in the future, it will delight you with its delicate color.

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