How to recognize a nerd: signs that give away uninteresting in communication person

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Learning to be an interesting conversationalist is not so difficult

It is very unpleasant to be known as a bore. These are people who are difficult to communicate with and never fun or interesting. But what if you are a bore? If no one laughs at your jokes and your friends are in no hurry to invite you over, you'll need instructions on how to recognize a bore. First of all, in yourself.

OBOZREVATEL publishes a list of signs that may indicate this flaw. Fortunately, all these problems can be worked on and corrected.

Too much or too little participation in the conversation

One of the distinguishing features of boredom is that they can't find a balance for participation in a conversation. Either they talk too much, mostly about themselves, or they are silent all the time, listening and nodding. Learn to ask questions and hear them from others.

Not paying enough attention to other people

Boring people mostly do not pay attention to other people's desire to participate in a conversation - they do not read their body language. They also ignore other people's signals that they want to end the conversation. And they are definitely not able to interest someone from the outside with their speech.

Poor sense of humor

A sense of humor is a sign of high intelligence. Including emotional intelligence. It indicates that a person knows how to catch the mood of the interlocutors and influence it for the better. In fact, there is a whole theory of how to make jokes. At least, it can help you try to develop this quality in yourself.

An inflexible schedule

It's easier for a bored person to stick to familiar rituals and a steady schedule. This may seem reliable to them, but the lack of room for maneuver - a spontaneous trip, an unusual walking route, giving up your favorite TV show for a party - leaves no room for additional fun. Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone.

Insecurity phrases

The desire to play it safe and cover up your uncertainty with phrases like "I don't know," "kind of," "somehow," "maybe," "probably" instead strongly betray a boring person. Work on your self-confidence.

Lack of your own opinion

Similarly, no one is interested in listening to endless references to other people's opinions on various topics without any hint of their own vision. Having a broad outlook and the ability to pull an authoritative statement right out of your head is good, but overuse can indicate a lack of personality. Try to form your own opinion at least on key issues and gradually expand the range of topics.

Inability to tell stories

Storytelling is the basis of all modern communications. It makes it easier to understand complex topics and makes any message more accessible. It is an art form. Which boring people don't master at all. They go into unnecessary details and often deviate from the main topic. If this is about you, just ask about the basics of storytelling - it's quite accessible information.

Inability to put themselves in the other person's shoes

Another sign of high emotional intelligence is empathy. Shortly, it's the ability to put yourself in the other person's shoes, to feel what they feel. This makes the interlocutor more attractive in terms of communication. And this trait is completely absent in boredom. Fortunately, it can be developed by trying to imagine yourself in the circumstances described.

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