How to propagate a violet: an easy way that promises quick results

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How to propagate a violet

Violets have more than 500 species, each of which is beautiful and unique in its own way. Most of them are perennial herbaceous plants that have charming flowers with bright colors of various colors, the most common being purple.

If you want to propagate violets, OBOZ.UA has found tips that will help you quickly cope with this. You will not need any additional tools or devices for this.

The first method

Pour room temperature water into a small glass and dip one cut leaf into it. The liquid should not completely cover it, it is enough that the lower part of the leaf is in the water. Check the violet regularly and add water if necessary to keep the leaf moist.

After a month and a half, the first roots will appear and then you can plant the plant in loose and nutritious soil.

The second method

If you are unable to constantly monitor the water level in the glass with the leaf, then the method with a jar will work for you. Cut the leaf growing under the flower at a 45-degree angle. The lowest leaves are not suitable for rooting, try to choose one that grows in the middle of the stem.

Leave the cut leaf for 30 minutes to dry slightly. Boil water and wait for it to cool. Pour the liquid into a small glass that can fit into a jar or container with a lid.

Dip the leaf into the container and place it in a container that also needs to be filled with a little water so that the violet is constantly in a humid environment. Cover it tightly with a lid. Check from time to time that there is enough water in the container.

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