How to organize a budget trip: tips from a luxury tour operator

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How to save on interesting travels

The desire to travel as spring approaches intensifies. But often there is not enough money for that. The founder of an elite British travel agency Tom Marchant shared his secrets of budgetary vacations royally. The best of them in the selection OBOZREVATEL .

  • Travel in the off-season.

This is a good idea for those who want to visit a new place and still save good money. During this period, the resort will be much less crowded, which will save you from the constant queues and hype. And also hotels and restaurants will cut prices by almost half, the same rule applies to airfare.

Another advantage of traveling in the "low" season is to support the local economy. Many tourist cities suffer from lack of budget in the period when they are not visited by foreigners. In addition, you can experience the real atmosphere of the chosen destination and see the real life of the locals.

  • Choose destinations that fit into your budget

There are many countries where you can have a good vacation for little money. In this case, your vacation can go really incredible. You just need to prepare ahead of time and choose the right entertainment. Pay attention to the days of free visits to museums and galleries, discounts in restaurants and services to find coupons.

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  • Book early and choose weekdays

There are many advantages to booking ahead of time. First, you have a greater choice of lodging and airfare options. Secondly, you don't overpay and can control your budget. And most importantly - you know exactly how much time you have before you travel and can set aside extra money for some entertainment during your vacation. Plus, it's not a bad idea to choose a check-in time on weekdays. Usually room rates during this time are slightly lower than on weekends.

  • Do not spend too much money on domestic flights.

Of course, it is fastest and often cheapest to get to another country by plane. However, traveling within the country is much more interesting by car. You can rent a car near the airport and drive around different cities, getting new experiences every day. This will save you a lot of money.

Another good option is to choose domestic trains and buses. This way you will greatly expand the halo of travel without spending a significant amount of money.

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  • Travel in groups

It seems that traveling in a large company is expensive. But in fact it is one of the most cost-effective options. As a minimum you can rent a cottage together and per person it will cost you cheaper. The more so that such accommodation gives you the opportunity to cook on your own. Also, many entertainment venues offer discounts for large groups.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that it is allowed and prohibited to take on board the plane in hand luggage.

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