How to humidify the air in your room in simple ways: no gadgets needed

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A humidifier is not the only way to solve the problem of dry air in the house

Dry indoor air is a problem every heating season, without exception. Running batteries reduce the humidity level, which is not good for your health in general, including the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to buy a humidifier. But this device is not cheap, so many people resort to life hacks that will help them do without it. OBOZ.UA has collected some effective tips.

Do wet cleaning

Cleaning the floor not only helps to keep the house clean, which is important in the cold season, because it is very dirty outside all these months. Also, the water you use to clean evaporates into the atmosphere of the room.

Open the bathroom door

When someone takes a bath or shower, a large amount of water vapor accumulates in the air. Usually, we think of this as a problem and deal with it with a hood. However, in winter, when the air in the house is dry, you can leave the appliance off and leave the bathroom door open after hygiene procedures. The water vapor will escape into the neighboring rooms and moisturize them.

Use water containers

A household humidifier sprays microdroplets of water into the air. You can achieve about the same effect, though not as quickly, by simply leaving a container of water near the heat source. It can be a basin, a bucket, a large bowl – anything. The main thing is that the container is not covered. Just let the water evaporate freely and you will soon notice the difference.

Dry your clothes indoors

A dryer in the middle of the room may not look very aesthetically pleasing, but it will allow all the moisture from your clothes to get into the air in your home. In addition, in a dry room atmosphere, clothes will get rid of water from the fabric fibers faster. However, it is not recommended to dry clothes on a radiator, as this can reduce the efficiency of the heater.

Get indoor plants

If you love fresh greenery and know how to take care of it, have a few flowerpots in your home. Living plants are excellent at regulating air humidity. In addition, some of them need additional moisture through spraying, and such care will help make the atmosphere in the entire room less dry.

Don't overheat your home

The more intensively the batteries work in your home, the drier the air will be – the pattern is quite clear. So don't try to heat the room to really high temperatures. Keeping it moderately cool will help to maintain a sufficient level of humidity.


Even 2-3 minutes of ventilation is enough to raise the humidity level in the room to a relatively comfortable level. Therefore, even in the cold, do not forget to open the window at least for a while.

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