How to insulate windows in winter: an easy way to protect against drafts

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Even wooden frames can be reliably protected from cold penetration

The best way to save money on heating without lowering the temperature in the room is, of course, to keep as much heat in as possible. And one of the most effective steps here is to insulate windows. It is through them that heat loss is most intense, so it is important that there are no gaps in the window frame that let the cold in.

If you have double-glazed windows, the best solution is to contact a professional before the start of the cold season to adjust the seal and switch the window to winter mode. What should those with wooden frames do? OBOZ.UA tells you about a method that will work more efficiently than conventional gluing.

Silicone sealant will help to reliably close all the cracks. It is used to eliminate cracks and gaps in different parts of the house. It reliably blocks airflow and thus keeps the house warm.

To apply the sealant to the window frame, first thoroughly clean the surface on which you will apply it. It should be free of grease and dry. Then, insert the spout of the sealant package into the gap and gently fill all the free space with the product, and then smooth the surface to make it look neater. When the product dries, the gap in the window frame will be securely blocked and heat will stop leaking out.

If you're worried that using a sealant will block the window frame and you won't be able to open the window when it gets warm, there's a fairly simple solution for this case as well. Silicone and other types of sealants can be removed quite easily mechanically. That is, in the spring, you can scrape it off and wash off the residue with a suitable solvent.

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