How to increase shoe size: ways to wear a new pair

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How to wear new shoes quickly

In the era of online shopping, it is not uncommon for shoes ordered online to be slightly oversized. If the situation is not critical - the model is not too tight, but still a little uncomfortable, there are several life hacks that will help you quickly wear your new pair.

It should be noted right away that some of the methods suggested by experts are somewhat risky, so you should try them out with caution. Read the OBOZREVATEL article on how to increase the size of leather and fabric shoes, as well as leatherette products.

Life hacks for leather shoes

Special products

The safest way is to use store-bought products. Special sprays will help you quickly give the leather surface the desired shape. Apply the product to the surface and wear the shoes until the spray dries.

Boiling water

A risky, but, as users on the network note, very effective life hack. Pour water into a saucepan and put it on to boil. When the water boils, you should put your shoes down for 2-3 seconds and then immediately put them on with thick socks. It is recommended to wear the shoes until they cool completely. Of course, this should be done carefully to avoid burns.

How to increase the size of faux leather shoes

Use a hairdryer

This is the easiest and most popular way. You just need to slowly heat the shoes with warm air. Do not choose a temperature that is too high. When the material becomes softer, you should put on thick socks and wear them for at least an hour.

Life hack with alcohol

A thick woollen sock and alcohol will come in handy. Experts advise rubbing the inside of the shoe with alcohol and wearing it for an hour.

Wet paper

The shoes should be filled with strong balls of wet newspapers or wet paper. It is better to do this at night, because a few hours will not be enough. It is likely that the procedure will have to be repeated several times.

Tips for fabric shoes

Cold test

Fabric sneakers can stretch when exposed to water and low temperatures. Put a tied bag of water inside the shoe. Put the sneakers in the freezer overnight. The secret is very simple: the liquid freezes and stretches the fabric.

Wet socks

Not a very pleasant life hack. You need to soak thick socks in warm water, put them on your feet and start wearing out the sneakers. It is recommended to do this until the socks are completely dry.

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